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embroidery digitizing fee

Our friendly price is just $1 per 1000 stitches.
No hidden or "other" charges.

  • Minimum fee we charge is $5.
  • Maximum we may charge for a regular job is $95 upto half a million stitches (a complex full embroidered jacket back for example)
    but there would be some exceptions such as a heavily and fully embroidered Arabic/ Asian style ladies dress, where stitch count falls a palm short from where the counting ends (eg: 8 Million stitches just on a full sleeve long shirt).
  • If you would like to get your job done within 12 hours, it would be $10 in addition for the rush job.
  • Special bulk/ volume pricing available, please write us an email to discuss further.

    editing fee

    • Editing is free of cost if file sent by the customer is not different from the one we received for the job.
    • In case the file initially sent by customer differs from the one presenting for editing, we still do it free of cost for minor edits, for major changes, we may charge additional fee.
    • For editing of files not digitized by Stitching Hobbit, please ask for a quote.
    • Flap to cap or cap to flap conversion of jobs done by us would cost $2 per job.

    vector conversion fee

    • Conversion of your raster images into vector art starts from $5
    • Simple logos, lettering, smaller images or sketches may cost from $5 to $8
    • For larger or complex artwork, please get a free quote from Stitching Hobbit
    Feel free to contact us, we would be glad to provide you with best possible service.

    Please read our terms of service before placing an order with us.

    prices quoted are in United States Dollars

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